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HOW TO: be an E-girl or VSCO girl

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

By; İmge Yılmaz and Duru Ak

In these days being a Vsco and E-girl is very popular. You can see vsco and e-girls on social media, streets and anywhere you can think. You should keep up with this trend. There is how you can keep up with this popular trend.


There are only a few things you need to do to be a “Vsco Girl”. First of all, you should change your appearance. For example, you need to wear oversized t-shirts and comfy shorts. Colored and light-colored t-shirts are preferred. You should wear scrunchies on your wrist or in your hair. Also, you need to wear sea shell necklaces. As for shoes, you should wear vans or brickenstocks. To be a Vsco girl, only changing your appearance is not enough. Behavior and texting is also important. You should filter your photos with the Vsco app. Besides, Vsco girls consist because of this app. (???) Furthermore, you should use “ksksksks6 ” while texting when something is funny. You should say things like “and I opp” when you drop something on the ground. You can also buy an instax camera and take vsco photos.


However, if you want to be an e-girl, first you should change your appearance and then you should change your behavior. Generally, you should wear black things. You can wear striped t-shirts, over your long sleeve black t-shirt, hang chains on your pants, and wear nike or vans as shoes. Nike shoes could be white and Vans shoes could be black or white. Generally your hair should be let down rather than put up. Also, you should dye your hair ends. You could wear piercings. If your parents don’t allow you to wear piercings you can wear fake piercings. As I said before behaviors are also important. You need to act as if you don’t mind anything and behave depressed. If you do these things you could be an amazing e-girl!

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