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TEEN Fest!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Defne ÖZER - Selin BULUT

We went to the TeenFest in Ankara on the 13th of October. Even if we enjoyed most of the festival, it had some problems:

Even though the location was determined as Clup Mirador İncek at first, it changed to Milyon Performance Hall. However, it was easy to find it.

There was a wide range of people who were upset with the artists. Only one group showed up out of three from the moment we got in. That group was Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut. They were supposed to come to the stage at 21:00 but they came up at 21:30. 30 minutes doesn’t seem a lot but there were people who didn’t want to wait for them and left the place.

The speaker and sound quality was good and you could hear the voice clearly from everywhere but the acoustics weren’t really nice. Because of that it sounded like a buzzing after spending some time there.

Also it would have been nice if they put seats to sit. There were some seats on the upper deck but the bodyguards didn’t let the crowd go there at first. After some time, they let 18+ people go there and sit.

Overall, the thing that got us angry the most was waiting 30 minutes for our favourite group and that other groups didn’t show up. We were already waiting for the other groups/singers for 2 hours and not only did they not show up but the organizing team didn’t even make an explanation to us about this when we were already upset/angry for waiting so much. I still don’t blame other groups or singers. Maybe there was a problem in the way; maybe they weren’t feeling like performing or something happened between organizer team and them. But there were people waiting for them and I would’ve wanted at least an explanation why they didn’t show up.

The group that did show up is called Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut, which is one of the new representatives of local alternative music groups. The group was prepared by Mürsel Oğulcan Ava and Uğurhan Özay who have been playing music since 2010. They make humorous and poetic songs and produce short film clips. Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut released their first album “Polonya’nın Başı Belada” in 2015 and their second album “Dünyanın En İyi Albümü” in 2017. They published their last album “Karanlık” in April 2019 . The group's clips were taken by Mürsel Oğuzhan Ava who studied department of cinema and television arts. We enjoyed them very much.

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