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Why do people fight in relationships?

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Were you broken up with right before Valentine’s Day?

All relationships have a heartbreaking break up.But why do relationships

end anyway? Here are some questions we asked your friends.

1. Would you be friends with your ex?

· It depends on the break up but usually no.

2. 3 characteristics you didn’t like about your ex?

· Humiliating

· Ego

· Jealousy

3. In your opinion why do relationships end?

· Lack of communication

· Cheating

· Trust issues

4. How long was your longest relationship?

· 5 months(average)

5. Did you go on dates before relationship?

· No,we knew each other later, we started flirting then we head on become a couple.

6. Was there anything you would do differently in your relationship?

· I could have been more open minded.

These are the answers we got. According to this answers relationships that don’t have a good base starts to have problems such as cheating, trust issues,lack of communication etc. and not after a while they end. The biggest problem in relationships we heard about is trust issues. People need to learn that without trust the relationship won’t last long.

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